1. How far is the ride from Whitetop to Damascus?
        17 miles, almost all downhill. You will have to pedal the last 3 miles as it flattens out a bit.

  2. How long will it take?
        From 2 1/2 to 3 hours depending on how leisurely you want to be about it. We suggest that you take your time because there are many beautiful places to stop and "take it all in".

  3. Is there water and food and bathrooms along the trail?
        Yes, there are vault toilets at numerous places including the trailhead at Whitetop. There is water available (seasonal) at Green Cove. There are two places to stop and eat in Taylor's Valley, about 10 miles down, that you can stop and have lunch at as well as many places to eat in Damascus.

  4. How much does it cost?
        $11.33 for the shuttle to Whitetop if you bring your own bike, $23.33 if you need to rent one. Click here for more info on our rates.The 'Iron Bridge' on the Virginia Creeper Trail above Damascus, Virginia

  5. What times does your shuttle go?
        Weekends we run every hour on the hour starting at 9AM (we will run 8AM by request). Weekdays we run usually at 10AM and Noon and 1:30PM. Other times as per demand/request. We run from both Adventure Damascus and SunDog Outfitter. Between our downtown location and SunDog Outfitter we'll find a shuttle time that's right for you. Abingdon pickup at 8:15 and 9:15 by special arrangement and pre-pay. Just call us to book a shuttle reservation. 888-595-2453 toll free! (*Please arrive at the shop approximately 20-30 minutes prior to your departure time).

  6. Can I ride from Abingdon to Damascus? What's it like?
        It's a really beautiful 15 mile ride! Check out the Abingdon alternative.

  7. Do you pick up in Abingdon?
        Yes, just call us to arrange that. Daily it's usually it's at 8:15 and 9:15 am. Other times by special arrangement.

  8. What about group rates?
        Yes, we have group rates. Groups of 12 or more.$21.50 for the package deal and $9.50 for the shuttle only.

  9. What is the surface of the Virginia Creeper Trail like?
        Crushed limestone and cinders left over from the train days. Firm in most places on the Whitetop to Damascus end, some rocky places on the Abingdon to Damascus end.

  10. Is it a strenuous ride?
        Nope, even people who haven't ridden in years can do this ride. That's what makes is so great!

  11. What's the weather going to be like on (fill in date here).
        74 degrees and sunny (Ok, not really, click the weather link above ;-)

  12. What are your hours of operation?
        8am to 6 pm, 7 days per week. Call us toll free for reservations 888-595-BIKE (2453) ...and, "Yes, that includes Tuesday."

  13. Do cell phones work on the Virginia Creeper Trail?
        Not on the upper section. You are in a gorge in the middle of the forest most of the time. Thank goodness we don't have cell towers out there! They sometimes work on the Abingdon to Damascus section depending on your carrier. Carriers currently providing service include Sprint (all over town) and Verizon (hot spot is in Sundog's parking lot).
  14. Is a helmet required?
        Not required but highly suggested! The trail is not dangerous but the high volume of bike riders coupled with the number of inexperienced riders make for unsafe conditions.

  15. What is the elevation at Whitetop vs. Damascus?
        The Whitetop elevation is about 3500 feet and Damascus is about 1910 feet. That's almost a 1600 foot drop over 17 miles.

  16. Can I ride my bike up to Whitetop Station?
        Of course. It's a very pleasant ride with grades not exceeding 5%.

  17. Is there camping allowed on the Creeper Trail? How about other camping?
        Camping along the trail is fine as long as it's not on private property. The US Forest Service/Mt Rogers National Recreation Area also maintains some nice campgrounds. Look at them at www.southernregion.fs.fed.us/gwj/mr or click here.

  18. What about other lodging options in the Area?
        Try this lodging link to find other places to stay while you're visiting the Damascus and Abingdon area.

  19. What time does the 11 o'clock shuttle leave?
        Umm, maybe you better not be out on the trail by yourself...Buddy system!!!

  20. What's the story behind the Laughing Dog?
        Click this link and find out!

  21. What does the Virginia Creeper Trail look like?
        Here is a slide show link, take a look for yourself.  

  22. I want to spend the weekend. What else is there to do in the Virginia Blue Ridge Highlands?
        Follow this link for Barter Theater information, Bristol Motor Speedway, country and bluegrass music and much more. 

  23. I'm reading this web site, now I want to call you and ask you all these questions over the phone, how do I get in touch with you?
        Call us toll free at 888-595-BIKE (2453)

  24. Does the trail get wet when it rains? Yes, but it is a dry kind of wet. 

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